15 October, 2021

Does the Coronavirus Have You Working Remotely for the First Time?

Did you know that you are a superhero? No, you weren’t aware of that? Well… You are! We all are. And we should lean into that and tap into our potential to make ourselves, our teams, our clients, and the world we live in the best they can be.

30 October, 2021

What I Learned at the 2020 WITness Success Conference

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29 September, 2021

What myTrailhead Can Do for a Learning and Development Strategy

Investing in learning and enablement with myTrailhead was a strategic decision but ultimately an easy one. One of Pillersoft’s Core Values is “We’re always learning.” Learning is part of our DNA as a company and as a Salesforce-first company, myTrailhead was a natural fit for us.

27 September, 2021

Salesforce Investor Event Recap: Customer & Partner Perspectives

“Salesforce’s ability to dive into that and double down on industry verticals and provide industry specialization has only helped us in our conversations. When you think about the fact that we can now go to market with Health Cloud as a foundation, and that being a great baseline.